We provide ballroom and Latin dance classes. Suitable for beginners, and experienced individuals alike.  At Pure Dance, we can guide through your dance journey. Step-by-step, we’ll improve your Latin and Ballroom dancing skills.

They Create Social Context

I am passionate about dance and I am keen to share that passion with you.  It’s my aim to inspire others and to support them on their dance journey.  With dance skills, you’re sure to make good friends.  It makes you more interactive in social gatherings, and it makes you the life of the party in any situation.

For Couples

Social gatherings aside, Ballroom and Latin dancing can strengthen your bond with a loved one. You could dance publicly or privately. You can choose to go out, or you could dance at home for a whimsical night. Dancing is surely more alluring to couples than watching a movie on a couch.

A Way to Get Fit

Dancing is a great way to keep fit. In fact, dancing can burn as much calories as a workout. With Latin and Ballroom dancing, you’ll get the workout you need, plus you’ll have fun too.